My Story

Imagine walking trails with giant redwood cedars and sword ferns. Greens bows, brown bark, and amber tones. An understanding of individual trees, stumps, and streams that’s intimate and immediate. This was my experience growing up, in forests on the eastern hillside of Chilliwack. I carry this experience with me every day in my work as a nature photographer in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. 

Over the past 10 years, I have travelled, studied, and worked across Canada and internationally for adventure tourism companies, museums, and small businesses. I’ve always been motivated to live in beautiful places where I can take photographs that positively affect people, communities, and environments. That’s why my nature photography business goal is to serve travelers, tourism organizations, and nature-based businesses. We all share a profound love for wild environments. It’s where we choose to spend our time and refill our cups, whether we’re working, adventuring, or just enjoying the place we call home. Capturing these experiences in all of their extraordinary beauty is essential for sharing our passions and enriching our memories. 

My training includes National Geographic Expeditions Santa Fe Workshops in New Mexico, as well as Digital Arts and New Media at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC. I’m a graduate from the online New York Institute of Photography. For many years I was a photographer at Kumsheen Rafting Resort in Lytton, BC. 

Being near the forests and close to nature brings me a deep sense of calm, strength, and joy. This experience of connection and revitalization is what I share with others through my work. 

Close up portrait of Adele Hinkley next to a Nikon Camera

 Thank you to Sabine Bernert for the portrait above.