before you book.

When should I book the experience? A minimum of 4 day in advance and 4 weeks in advance for your preferred day and time.

How many people can come? Minimum 1 guest  - Maximum 8 guests. I’m happy to adapt this experience to accommodate small school, tour and corporate groups.

What age is the minimum age? Depending on the experience, 5 yrs and 12 yrs + up can attend. Children will need to be able to walk on a trail for at least 1 hour. 

planning for your photo session. 

How should I look? Personal styling can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your final images. Below are tips to help you get started. You can also contact me and I'll be happy to offer personalized suggestions. 

Whatever you do, make sure you’re comfortable in what you are wearing!


  • Wear your normal style of clothing so your personality comes through and you are comfortable during the session.
  • Avoid large bold prints, logos and stripes, which will draw attention to the outfit and away from you.
  • Ensure clothing fits properly. Long sleeves are flattering and recommended. Exposed areas of skin in the portrait can compete with the face. 
  • Match the pants, shoes and socks. Sandals are fine if this is everyone’s style.  Barefoot is wonderful if you are posing on the beach. For the experiences close toed hiking shoes are essential. 
  • Pick a base colour: usually this is denim, black, white or khaki (beige) then choose one or two other colours that others can work with.  These colours should be mixed and matched throughout the group.  If you choose denim make sure you specify light or dark. Denim as light denim could fall under the white category and dark would work with black clothing. 
  • Everyone should be in similar colours and shades but not match exactly. Dressing in the same tone is important – dark, light or pastel. 
  • Everyone should dress in the same style, e.g., classic, modern, heritage, dressy, formal, etc. 
  • Keep in mind that we usually vary our poses so you may be sitting, lying on the grass, kneeling or standing.  Your outfit should be comfortable in these situations. 
  • Use hairspray or gel to tame frizz and make your hair look healthy. We want hair to look natural but a light dusting of hairspray can help keep flyaways at bay. Products to enhance shine, such as BioSilk, can be used sparingly.
  • A natural, light makeup evenly applied looks good and lipstick or lipgloss helps your smile pop!  Powder, applied generously can help prevent shiny skin. Bring makeup for touch ups during your session. 


Can I bring my pets?  For sure! I love animals. Pets are welcome in Harrison Hot Springs but are required to be on leash in most locations. If you would like an opportunity for your animal to swim, we can seek that out.  Bring pet treats too! It'll help us get a perfect pose from you pooch! 

The only exception is the Photo Synthesis Experience where we cannot bring the our pets ... I know it's hard not to bring your pup! 


How will the weather affect our shoot? No matter what, we’ll do it rain, snow or shine. In fact, overcast rainy weather can create beautiful dramatic skies. And don’t worry; I’ll give you a full refund if the weather is unmanageable. We’ll touch base the day before to confirm that all’s good. 

running late or no-shows.

What if I have to reschedule or cancel? I don’t offer refunds for no-shows (except for emergencies). But I’ll give you a 100% refund if you let me know within 24 hours of your session that you can’t make it. 

What if I’m running late?  Just let me know as soon as possible. I may be able to wait but if I have another session booked right after yours, that won’t be possible, unfortunately. 

Please text me at 604-819-5291 if you're running late. 

after your session.

When will I get my photos? 

You’ll get a link to an online gallery within 2 weeks. 

What will the photo size be? It’ll be high resolution. You’ll get a download link from an online, sharable photo gallery. 

What format will the photos come in?  You’ll get high-resolution JPEGs.

Do you share the RAW files?  I don’t. It takes dozens of snaps to get exactly that perfect shot. So, sharing everything would mean editing hundreds of extra not-perfect shots rather than focusing on delivering you the best of the bunch. I only want to send you the ones I think are the best! 

What do you do to edit the photos? I do basic editing, colour balancing, skin touch ups and cropping. 

Who owns the images?  Technically, I will still hold the copyright. You can put them in your photo albums, make prints, and share on social media. But you can’t resell or alter the images without consent.  This is the same for commercial images unless something else is specifically agreed upon in advance. 

Will you share my photos online? I love sharing beautiful imagery online but I also respect privacy. On the standard waiver there is an image release but if you are not comfortable with this you can sign a waiver with out an image release. 

satisfaction guarantee.

What if I don’t feel totally satisfied? I’ll do everything I can to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your photographs and experience. If something doesn’t feel right, contact me and I’ll make it right.  


What COVID guidelines do you follow?  I take your safety very seriously. 

Here are my COVID safety guidelines: 

  • If I am sick, or have been in contact with a sick person, I will reschedule our session. 
  • If you are sick, or have been in contact with a sick person, I ask that you let me know so we can reschedule. 
  • I wash my hands and disinfect my equipment regularly.