An Introduction to the Fraser Canyon

An Introduction to the Fraser Canyon

Landscape view showing mountain ranges with both the Thompson and Fraser Canyon 

From The Canyons are Calling - A series of short stories about the Fraser Canyon Region in British Columbia, Canada. 

Every year around this time, I start feeling restless and ready to return to work as a seasonal photographer in Lytton. 

Although my home surrounds me in luscious waterfalls and abundant greenery, the dampness of the Fraser Valley has me yearning to see my co-workers and to sit by the river in a semi-arid climate. I miss sleeping outside in the cabin tent feeling connected to the environment, and to myself. 

I also miss my drive from the Fraser Valley to Lytton where the majestic Thompson River meets the Mighty Fraser. A journey that offers continual scenic inspiration, through the tunnels, past the wooded mountain slopes near Yale and Boston Bar, with glimpses of the Fraser River along the way. 

The climate and terrain changes near Jackass mountain, densely treed rainforest ridges become sparsely spaced pine trees as the landscape slowly changes to the dryer semi-arid climate of Lytton and Lillooet. 

At the final turns near Siska, my body begins to well with anticipation knowing the canyon is about to open up and display dramatic soft coloured canyon walls near Lytton. 

I feel warmer and drier already.  

The Thompson’s water can be emerald, turquoise, or brown in colour depending on the season. It is the largest tributary of the Fraser. These two rivers and canyons converge near the townsite of Lytton, where their flows create a beautiful watercolor painting. The dark beige of the larger Fraser eventually consuming the vibrant colors of the Thompson.   

These are the canyons that call to me – a series of cliff faces and sloped mountains, rocky slate, and sandy shorelines that follow along the Fraser River in its stretch from Hope to Lillooet, BC, Canada. 

For many years with an artist’s eye, I have been studying patterns, texture, shapes, colour, and weather of the area incessantly. Over the next few weeks, I will be reflecting on these experiences accompanied by photographs as part of a project to support Fraser Canyon tourism and commerce. 

Hopefully, when we can travel freely once again, visitors to the area will be met with serene landscapes and vibrant businesses. In the meantime, may these stories offer inspiration to explore the Fraser Canyon Region in anticipation of your next adventure! 

‘’The mountains are calling … I must go and I will work on it while I can, studying incessantly.”  – John Muir


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