Adventure Stories

  • Winter in Lytton

    Breathing in the crisp air my eyes would scan the mountains to see who might be there, what wildlife was going to make an appearance? Would a white chested osprey with spotted tan and black feathers swoop down to catch a fish or glide on the wind in anticipation of its next meal? Would a herd of mountain goats be hiding in the rock walls with nothing but white rumps with black tails to indicate their whereabouts? 
  • Rafting the Mighty Fraser 

    Rafting the Fraser River, the idea excites me; my throat and stomach tighten as I think about the prospect of actually being on the boiling, churning rapids of Hell’s Gate.
  • Fishing an Introduction

    “Is a fish on the line I wonder?” – 

    Then BAM! The line goes tight, the rod bends and I hear the whir as the fish runs out the line. Adrenaline surges through my veins, I feel my chest tighten as my heart races and muscles quiver! Pulling back as I reel, I pause, 

    “…did  lose it?”

  • Trails of the Canyon

    I often walk on amazing trails and become absorbed in the environment. Sometimes  I quickly march and sometimes it’s a slow meander with moments of introspection; being in awe of giant trees and waterfalls, followed by close inspection of ferns, moss, and tiny lichen…Then delight at a viewpoint or an unexpected glimpse of a lake or water feature. 
  • An Introduction to the Fraser Canyon

    These are the canyons that call to me – a series of cliff faces and sloped mountains, rocky slate, and sandy shorelines that follow along the Fraser River in its stretch from Hope to Lillooet, BC, Canada.